Special Services

Evansville Bindery, Inc. is a diverse company offering lots of services that are sometimes missed.


Collating Services:

When you hire Evansville Bindery, Inc. to provide you with collating services, you can count on your materials to be collated quickly and accurately. The bottom line is that your satisfaction is our number one goal, which is why we offer both hand and machine collating services.


Perforating, Scoring & Numbering:

Scoring is typically used when heavier stock needs to be folded. When we "score" a piece of stock, we are placing a groove where the fold will be. This "pre-fold" in the stock ensures that the fold will be placed in the correct position.


Perforating is a finishing service that allows your customers to easily remove or tear apart an insert or a portion of your printed piece. This is commonly used for response cards, feedback forms and coupons from catalogs and direct mailers. This service may also be used for stand-alone print projects such as flyers printed on cardstock.


Numbering can be printed in either red or black ink, with or without a “No.” prefix.

Sequential numbering is the process of printing alphanumeric characters in sequence on a set of printed pieces. Sequential numbering is very useful for tracking sales or purchase orders, and is commonly used on carbonless forms and invoices.  Sequential numbers can be printed in either ascending or descending order on a wide variety of papers.

Skip numbering service which is perfect for receipt books, tickets and invoices.


Bible Restoration & Recovering

We are specialists in the restoration of family Bibles, parlor Bibles, and recovering contemporary Bibles with a new cover.



We offer extensive conventional and digital photocopying. Documents can be provided to us in original, hard-copy, or digital form. Copying services include copying and booklet making, color copying, and high-volume copying.