Need help getting your book ready?

Evansville Bindery, Inc. is committed to producing the best quality book in the most cost effective manner to you. Here are a few simple guidelines for submitting your original materials to us for printing & binding:


Digital Media:

• The best way to submit a book for printing & binding.

• A PDF format is preferred, but we can work with several software titles including Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Microsoft Word,

   Publisher, and WordPerfect, among others.

• If you have photographs in your document, we recommend that they be scanned at a minimum of 300 DPI.

• Format your document to be the finished size of your book (i.e. if finished size is 6" x 9", set your page size to 6" x 9").


Paper Originals:

• Print single-sided on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets.

• Printed from a laser printer for best reproduction.

• If photos are mounted on pages, make sure they're securely attached.

• Original photos & documents, or scanned copies (minimum 300 DPI) reproduce better than photocopies.


Suggested Layout for a Book

The diagram to the right illustrated the proper way of laying out a book for printing.

you will notice that there should be a 1" margin around the text on each page.  When

these pages are viewed side-by-side, even numbered pages appear on the left while

odd numbered pages are right-facing.


Estimated Costs for Printing and Binding a Book

Pricing on printing and binding takes into consideration many factors such as number

of pages, and printing quantity.  Our brochure details these charges and can be

downloaded by clicking here.